Burj al Arab Dubai Hotel

Burj al Arab Dubai Hotel


THE BURJ AL ARAB DUBAI is one of the premium hotels in the world with spectacular architecture and premium luxury on every level.

The Burj al Arab.

Few cities can boast so many iconic world beating structures as Dubai and here we have a stunning example.  The Burj al Arab is the worlds tallest hotel standing at an impressive 321 metres and offering amazing views overr the Persian Gulf and Jumeirah Beach./ Palm Islands.

The Burj al Arab grabs your attention on every level, its strikingly beautiful architecture resembles the billowing sails of a dhow as a testiment to Dubai´s historical roots. The hotel is of course a reflection of modern day Dubai and the wealth of this amazing city, no expenses are spared here and if you are fortunate enough to stay here you will enter a world of pure luxury. With rooms costing upto $15000 and complimentary shuttle by Rolls Royce you will feel like royalty on every level. 

The Burj al Arab is also accessible to those not staying at the hotel and its possible to visit and enjoy one of the on site restaurants, for example take some afternoon tea at Al Muntaha on the 27th floor, or enjoy the delightful Al Mahara restaurant which is actually beneath the ocean and features floor to ceiling windows for the most calming of dining experience. 


To see the spleandour of the tower you can enjoy it from Jumeirah Beach and stroll along the soft sands as you take in the scale of it. It is also a good idea to visit after sundown as the choreographed light show illuminates the building.

Since the opening in 1999 the Burj al Arab has welcomed royalty and many of the world "A list" cementing its legacy as one of the worlds most famous hotels. 




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