the ain dubai at bluewaters

the ain dubai at bluewaters


THE AIN DUBAI FERRIS WHEEL at Bluewaters is the tallest wheel in the world offering stunning views across the city

The Ain Dubai at Bluewaters Island

The newly constructed Ain Dubai is one more stunning example of architectural wonder in this most breathtaking of cities! 

Coming in at a whopping 250 metres tall the Ain Ferris Wheel in Dubai  the design and construction by Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Starneth Engineering leaves the competition in no doubt that Dubai is the world beating destination. 

The final cost of construction is not yet assessed but it would be somewhere in the region of AED1,000,000,000 or  €229,000,000. A small price to pay some might say when you consider the following stats: 

  • The Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel will be the tallest in the world standing 42.5 metres taller than the current record holder - The High Roller in Las Vegas.
  • The Ain Dubai will be 19.5 metres taller than the New York Ferris Wheel planned for Staten Island.
  • The Ain Dubai can carry 1400 passengers at a time.
  • It boasts 48 Capsules.
  • Each spoke on the wheel is longer than a football pitch and weighs 5 tonnes!
  • There are 2400 kilometres of cable wires inside the spokes!
  • The wheel rim weighs as much as 16 Airbus A380´s!
  • In construction the Ain Dubai used 255 more steel than the Eiffel Tower Paris a whopping 9000 tonnes!


The Ain Dubai dwarfs such famous landmarks as the London Eye which stands at 135 metres, over 100 metres shorter than the Ain Dubai. Comparatively the Ain Dubai takes 48 Minutes for a full rotation where as the London Eye takes 30 minutes to complete a full rotation. 

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