Zaya Nurai Island UAE by boat

ZAYA NURAI ISLAND UAE a wonderful private island resort offering the highest levels of luxury for your vacation in the UAE. Arrive by boat

Zaya Nurai Island

From Abu Dhabi step aboard your boat and within 15 minutes you will be stepping ashore at the Zaya Nurai Island which is a unique private island resort offering a slice of paradise.  Nestling in the turqoise waters of the Arabian Gulf Zaya Nurai Island offers luxury escapes with privacy, security and indulgence at the top of the list.  Zaya Nurai is also easily accessible from downtown Dubai just a short 60 minute ride by boat will get you there. 

We have a great selection of yachts for hire that can incorporate Zaya Nurai Island into the charter itinerary.  See the boat options HERE

The island offeres a rare mixture of seclusion and convenience something quite special and why its a popular destination for so many people seeking a a luxury escape in paradise. 

The resort is complete with an ocean side spa, fine dining restaurants, a beach club and a host of activities to entertain you on this amazing island. 

The word "Nur" in Arabic means light and it is very noticable feature here as the bright sun reflects off the white sands and the wonderfully colourful turquiose ocean creating a kaleidoscope of colour. 

Zaya Nurai Island definitely gets a thumbs up from us here at Timeless Moments! 








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Zaya Nurai Island